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Working from Home


  • Content Strategy Doc

    Valid for one year
    • Content Research & Ideation
    • Strategy & Goal Setting Prompts
    • Annual Planning Tab
    • 2022-2023 Monthly Calendar Tabs
    • No more stress, no more headache
Finally, get off the content creation hamster wheel & start thinking strategically...

Content Strategy & Goal Setting Prompts

Add your content topic wheel 

Enjoy massive amounts of space to keep all your content ideas in one space

Keep your mission statement and core values front & center & top of mind

Includes a detailed guide for different types of content for the stages of the customer journey

Has space for your brand & content mood board

Include your customer research & personas

Add content & keyword research to work smarter and inform your content ideation

Video companion guide included

Annual Planning Focus

Think long-term with a special tab dedicated to annual planning 

Fill in prompts for monthly themes, offers, big events, and any biz growth focuses

Enjoy examples throughout the entire calendar and strategy document to help guide you on your own planning

Fillable Monthly Content Calendars 

Plan your content for the month seamlessly with fillable rows & columns

Enjoy a birds-eye view that's NOT just social media (Marketing strategy is so much more than just social media!)

Set goals for each month to inform your content plan 

Keep your to-dos for the month in the same tab and stay motivated

No more stress, no more headache

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